Planting an indoor herb garden - part 3 - IT'S WORKING!

Published 03/02/2021
Author: David Crandall

Today, it's time to check on the plants. Really, I check on these every day, and in the same way. I check the top surface for dryness and water & sterilize if necessary, give them some natural sunlight, return to the LEDs, etc.

But today is special. Today, the work and patience is paying off, because today...we have our FIRST SPROUT!


Ok, it's not fully sprouted, but it's getting there.

This little guy is a basil seed. Of the herbs I planted - basil, mint, thyme, and rosemary - basil is know to have the fastest germination time. So it should come as no surprise after just a couple days our first sprout is from a basil seed.

As mentioned before, I've successfully planted basil - but nothing else. And I never had basil sprout this quickly, and with zero bugs.

As I write, the planter box is sitting under my windowsill getting some sunlight. By about 1PM, I'll be able to spin the box 180 degrees and give the other half of the seedlings some natural sunlight, as well.

If we have more sprouts tomorrow, I'll be sure to share!

I'll also be posting some updates on my instagram -- feel free to follow me there: @davidgenecrandall


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